About Skerton Community Association & Our Centre

Skerton Community Association is a community led organisation that offers activities and services from its building, Skerton Community Centre, to a wide range of local people across different age ranges. The Association became a charity in 1996.

The aim of the Community association is: To improve the lives of people living in Skerton and surrounding area through access to leisure, community groups, education, support into employment and youth provision.

The Association achieves its aims by running Skerton Community Centre and providing a range of activities to local people.

Its Board of Trustees comprises local people with a mix of skills and backgrounds. People in officer roles include the Chair and Treasurer. The Association currently has a staff team of 5 part-time posts responsible for in house activities and administration of the Centre. Volunteers, including trustees, make a vital contribution to the day to day work of the Centre and its capacity to offer services and activities.

The Centre’s Activities

The Association rents its building from Lancaster City Council. Activities in the Centre comprise a mix of those provided directly by staff and volunteers and groups hiring rooms.

The Skerton Community Association staff and volunteers aim to provide:

Programmes for young people of different age ranges including face to face work and residentials. Offering support with personal development and life changing opportunities.

Activities with the over 55s including the Autumn Club. Offering social activities and providing a lifeline to those who would otherwise be isolated.

Crafts for women and girls and a community garden. Offering facilities and provision often not available elsewhere in the area.

A number of organisations, groups and members of the public use the centre, some of which include:

  • Boys Brigade, Brownies, Karate, little acorns playgroup and many more.
  • Charities and groups from local and wider areas use rooms for a range of meetings e.g. forum meetings with young people.
  • The Centre’s rooms are also hired out for one off usage including birthday and wedding parties.
  • The Centre is a major resource for local people; it is the only facility in the local area that provides a broad range of services to different sections of the community.
  • It is a welcoming facility, with strong community roots that enable it to reach those that others can’t.
  • The involvement of local volunteers enables the Centre to bring considerable added value to its resources and activities for the local community.